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    Using a scope has become very popular among shooters and air gunners. Depending on the platform the shooter operates in, attaching a scope to the rifle can also be essential for the results. Having a great scope means that all the accuracy is there and many errors can be forgiven while using a scope. Finding the right scope for personal use is a journey worth taking, especially considering the different companies and the wide range of options available nowadays. They are also competitors, so advertising is great, but every scope should be tested by the shooter or potential user, since many traits need to be personal. It has to feel trustworthy and comfortable to do the job. There is no shame being a bit apprehensive towards choosing a scope, because there are so many.

    What to Consider Before Investing

    Different scopes have different power criteria. Some of the things to take into account are* Magnification power* Power variability* Crosshairs* Parallax adjustment options* Focusing options

    No one scope will seem perfect, as the industry is introducing new models and some of them have features another does not, and vice versa. Before the purchase, the scope should be tested for fittings, since not all scopes can be mounted on all guns. It is important to take into account the power of the rifle itself, since the scope has to be able to sustain the recoil.

    Barska as an Option

    One of the options to consider when investing money in a company or a particular scope, is buying a barska scope for the rifle. The rifle scopes from this company are available with a huge variety of features on different platforms. Some experts say that a rifle without a scope can work well, but a rifle with a bad scope will never catch the target, no matter how great the rifle is.

    Barska rifle scope reviews offers a solution, and comfort as well as durability. It is important that the scope can live a long life, therefore, being waterproof is an important feature, which can sometimes be overlooked. Being fog proof is also an aspect, considering the task the scope has to carry out. Reticles can illuminate, but it is optional with fixed power or zoom scopes.

    There are several series of scopes, each meant for a different practice and meeting different needs. Barska Red Dot series have been designed for shotguns and even pistols and crossbows. Some of the models in the series feature

    • Two-color reticle* anti-reflecting coating* Brightness control

    On the opposing side, it has to be mentioned, that even though the price range is very wide, some of the scopes can come pricey and if the shooter wants more than one, the costs add up pretty quickly. Some other cons:

    •   Gun rail has been reported not tightening all the way* Some models seem to be missing the red dot

    If the Red Dot has been introduced for sport shooters and hunters, Point Black, on the other hand, is created for those shooters who require their scopes adjusted for tactical use.

    Among the pros:

    •   Shockproof design* Adjustable side parallax* High and Low power zooming options


    •     Some users have had trouble with the scope staying 0-ed* Since these are the most up-end scopes, their prices are higher.

    These features have been included in the series to maximize the shooter’s capability of precise shooting. However, they are still manageable, and, it is value for money.


    Buying the scope that is both comfortable and works well, as well as stays value for the money is essential to those who use scopes for sport or pleasure. Since, as mentioned before, each scope is different, the personal testing is still an aspect.

    A professional in a weapon shop will be able to offer advice for the first-time buyers as well as seasoned users. They will also be able to offer advice on cleaning and maintaining the scope as well as storing it, since it is an optical device and needs to be taken care of accordingly.

    2016 is as good a year as any to check out the newcomers and upcoming models on the scene, as companies are designing new products to offer to their clients, showcasing the future. Barska is also offering new gear this year from scopes to gear cases and metal detectors. Staying competitive is important and doing it by maintaining quality is essential.

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